These are some of the clients we are working with

If you want to know more about the objectives achieved in each project, contact us to show you all the results obtained.

Maximo takes on-boarding of its customers to the next level

• Project in WhatsApp and Discord
• Full client on-boarding
• Card acquisition flow
• Linking with biometric validation
• Customer login
• Hybrid approach to customer care with bots and humans

llaollao and its loyalty program from WhatsApp

• WhatsApp Project
• Customer registration and login
• Flow to see the promotions for each client
• Link to a QR where customers accumulate points
• Frequently asked questions from llaollao customers
• Integration with Salesforce
• Hybrid approach to customer care with bots and humans

Latin America's best seller in conversational commerce

• WhatsApp project integrated with our digital catalog
• Customer registration and login
• Complete conversational shopping flow
• Training of more than 3000 thousand products with complex disambiguations
• Integration with payment gateway
• Smart notifications approach connected to a promotions engine and Customer Data Platform

Keepser and its approach to cryptocurrency and security knowledge

• Project in WhatsApp and Web
• Knowledge model in English, Spanish and French
• Dozens of frequently asked questions on complex topics
• Smart notifications approach
• Hybrid approach of bots and humans
• Customer acquisition roadmap within the same WhatsApp channel

Auna and its Conversational Insurance approach from WhatsApp

• Project in the WhatsApp channel
• Oncology and health insurance sales flow
• Complete conversational purchase flow
• Conversational integration with the payment gateway
• Integrations with Auna services
• Training of the 4 insurance products
• Training of 50 frequently asked questions
• International project starting with a first country

Vivo Pharmacies, preparing an omnichannel approach to customer care

• Omnichannel project on WhatsApp, Messenger, Google Business Chat
• Integration with the pharmacy's ERP in SAP
• In-depth training of products sold
• Possibility of click and collect
• Hybrid approach of bots and humans
• Use cases adapted to Google Business Chat channel
• Middleware for proper management of apis response times

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